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Sep 20, 2021

In a joint campaign, PMA and payment service providers inform about the advantages of mobile wallets and e-payments to foster financial inclusion.

For the first time, the PMA joins forces with social media influencers and payment service providers (PSPs) and leverage social media channels with one goal: To raise awareness on the advantages of digital financial services and reach as many financially excluded Palestinians as possible. Innovative multimedia approaches including educational videos and informative “posts” shall reach millions of users on their favorite social media channels and through the influencers they trust.

During the campaign’s launching event, Governor of the PMA Dr. Feras Milhelm highlighted the importance of this initiative to not only introduce citizens to these novel services but most importantly to encourage their usage. PSPs’ representatives underlined the safety of the new services. Low financial awareness still leads to hesitance and low levels of trust in formal financial services. The joint campaign message “e-payments are safe and easy to use” aims therefore to address doubts and reach all members of the society, particularly those that have so far been financially underserved and marginalized.

Watch the launch video here

The campaign was developed in cooperation with GIZ’s “Alternative Approaches to Financial Inclusion of SME” (A-FIN) project and will last for 6 months. As part of the campaign, well-known influencers have been activated to share their real-life experiences with e-wallets. They will in addition show in live videos how e-wallets can be opened and address common challenges and questions. Approaching the population in a simple and common language will contribute to building trust and credibility of the new products.

Further planned activities include the production of a series of awareness raising videos by the PMA. The first video has already reached over 1.1 million views and numerous user interactions. Following the approach to touch on real life situations everyone can relate to, upcoming videos will address, among others, women and the role of the PMA. In addition, offline efforts such as visits to universities and awareness raising events with on-the-spot e-wallet openings and educative sessions will ensure that no one is left behind.

Watch the first awareness raising video here

Exploiting the power of awareness raising through social media and calls to action, it is now more important than ever for each relevant stakeholder including PSPs, banks, journalists, social media influencers and other media representatives to join forces. As concluded by the Governor, the cooperation and dissemination of the information by making use of all media materials and available channels will be crucial to spread a unified message. The latter will also be key for the success of the campaign.

Read the press release here (in Arabic)


By Sofia Bublatzky