• Digital financial services
Jun 12, 2016

Through their joint Digi#ances Project, the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) and GIZ aim to give the relatively young digital financial services market in Jordan a boost. The launch of the Digi#ances Partnership Initiative in the end of May brought together a diverse set of market players.

The Digi#ances Partnership Initiative is part of the overall Digi#ances Project, which aims to improve access to remittances and other financial services through digital solutions. The Initiative aims at a cooperation between the project and the private sector in the framework of development partnerships. Objective of the cooperation is to expand digital financial services (DFS) in Jordan. To reach this goal, the Digi#ances project offers assistance to the private sector, especially regarding the development and management of agent networks.

On the first day of the event, the GIZ and CBJ called for expression of interest from the private sector interested in the Digi#ances Partnership Initiative. Moreover, the event presented the opportunity to exchange experiences about the industry’s challenges in Jordan, discuss the opportunities the market presents and network across the industry.

Following up on this, the different players had the chance to jointly study cases from around the globe. Thereby they gained a better understanding of the key success factors for DFS during a full-day Learning Session facilitated by an international DFS expert.

The Digi#ances Project called for expression of interest from the private sector interested in piloting DFS solutions in Jordan. The proposed solutions should focus on reaching unbanked Jordanians, Syrian refugees and women living in Jordan. The private sector companies are encouraged to re-think their current business models and propose innovative and sustainable business solutions. The call for expression of interest is open until the end of July 2016.

CBJ and GIZ are pleased to provide further information on Digi#ances as well as on its Partnership Initiative.

By Katharina Braun and Samira Herb-Cless; Contact: digittances@giz.de