• Financial technology
Jun 7, 2021

Stacks MENA Bootcamp, the region’s first online Blockchain Bootcamp, concluded its first round with a hackathon and the announcement of three winning teams with the attendance of the bootcamp’s implementing partners and experts.

Through the three-week virtual bootcamp, 12 startups received training and mentorship to build their platforms on blockchain technology; three of them were announced winners on the Stacks MENA Hackathon demo day.

The first-place winner, Owls, is an online community where people around the world share thoughts, trade advice, and tell their story. Second place winner is PassApp, a startup that provides mobile access, digital ID and e-payment solutions for the physical world. Finally, Stornest and the third-place winning startup; it is a digital tool that helps individuals securely store their legacy information and documents to which select designated beneficiaries can gain access to.


During the call for application, the bootcamp selected 12 promising startups in the market sourced directly from the ecosystem as well as through partnerships throughout the entire MENA region. From workshops to coaching and mentoring sessions by thought leaders and mentors, the content and its experts aimed to help startups to immediately implement new concepts for long-term success in their business.

Besides the unparalleled access to resources that helped the entrepreneurs launch their business, acquire new customers, build long-term partnerships, and raise funding, the intensive 3-week program presented them opportunity to interact with some of the world’s most renowned entrepreneurs, discuss their ideas with leading VCs, and start and code the technology of the future.


GIZ Egypt in partnership with Stacks MENA, Changelabs, Pravica and Fixed Solutions believe that blockchains can bring transparent and secure systems that can enable novel business solutions and help bring significant benefits and innovation. We were glad to work on this program with our implementing partners to enable blockchain-based startups in the MENA region to launch their businesses and acquire new customers.


By Hadeel Hegazy