• Microfinance
Feb 10, 2016

MFMR and MoPIC evaluate key performance indicators together and draft monitoring framework.

On 21st January 2016, the MFMR Program in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, facilitated an interactive workshop to develop the monitoring framework for the National Policy for the Microfinance Sector Action Plan.

The objective of this workshop was to develop the Action Plan key performance indicators and a practical monitoring framework. This would allow the Microfinance Steering Committee (MFSC) to effectively monitor the implementation progress of the Action Plan, and take necessary decisions whenever deemed necessary.  Eventually this will support the microfinance sector to achieve the strategic objectives cited in the National Policy, enhance the overall sector performance and improve its social and economic impact.

The workshop was attended by 15 persons representing the MFSC members. The workshop witnessed a precedential state of effective team work, cooperation and synergies that shows commitment, ownership and willingness by everyone to achieve the national policy goals.

The workshop outcome was a draft monitoring framework that was sent to the participants for further editing in preparation to officially submit to the MFSC for final endorsement.

By Sahar Al-Yousef